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Signal Snowboards - Every Third Thursday - iShred

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Every Third Thursday is a web series that the crew at California-based Signal Snowboards developed to showcase some clever outside-the-box thinking, conjuring up creative ideas for snowboard concepts and sharing them with viewers every third Thursday of every month. A sampling of past episodes -- LEGO, Boombox, Lethal Weapon Paintball, Board Games and the Duff McKagan Snowboard Bass -- indicates the expansive thematic scope. The latest project, fittingly dubbed the iShred, pays tribute to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the form of a snowboard with a built-in iPad. The guys crafted the board with a layer of ABS with a cut-out opening for the screen, layered on top of an aluminum base and adorned with an illuminated Signal logo. (Wires for the lights are housed in the foot strap for a clean appearance.) The crew readily admit it's the most challenging ETT they've undertaken, but their efforts are rewarded when they hit the slopes and take the iBoard for its inaugural run. Check out the video after the click.