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Anyone paying any kind of attention to the leading players in premium menswear has heard of Boston's Boylston Trading Company by now. If not, it's the new project by spearheaded by Frank the Butcher, who draws on long experience from his time as creative director at Concepts, another institution in Boston menswear. BTC has been turning heads since it opened it's online doors earlier this Fall, with an extremely ambitious and creatively curated brand roster, bolstered by an equally impressive editorial presence - the store has brought a world-class, globe-spanning stable of brands, and has been eloquently educating customers on why. Following BTC's initial collaboration with Dr. Romanelli, the store now unveils it's co-branded project with NYC-based bagmaker Lexdray. Since being introduced in 2008, Lexdray has emerged as a real contender for the backpack throne held by the visvim 20l and 22l; and as part of the FLG collaboration with BTC, the NYC-based bagmaker shows it's most colorful pieces to date - moving away from the all-black palette it has relied on in the past. The FLG capsule consists of three bags, built from Ultra DWR fabric, with military-grade hardware, plenty of interior/exterior pockets, and fully adjustable straps. And there are sizes for any use - from carry-on to enormous. The collection is set to ship on Black Friday, and is available for pre-order here. Check out the full range after the jump, and stay tuned for the opening of BTC's brick and mortar.