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The Google+ Homecoming Tour

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After an amazing amount of social networking hype, things have cooled significantly for Google+; the would-be Facebook competitor, having opened the doors wide to all users (now including corporations), has been a bit relegated to “oh, yeah…” status. But it’s still Google, which thankfully means there is still plenty of creativity and money for doing projects that are fun, and that help people, and the Google+ Homecoming Tour is a prime example. The tour is based around LeBron James, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony, and the cities they each call home – Akron, New Orleans, Chicago, and New York, respectively. In each city, the four will hold exhibition games with some yet-to-be-announced stars, plus basketball skills clinics for local children, and a range of community events benefiting each player’s charitable foundation. The Google+ Homecoming Tour begins December 1, and if you can’t make to a live event, all of the exhibition games will be streamed at the Google+ Homecoming Tour page, where fans can also see behind-the-scenes coverage and interact with the players. For more information about the player’s charities, or about the event, visit the event page, and check out some promo images after the jump for a preview.