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Wake N' Bacon - Smell of Cooking Bacon Alarm Clock

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Aromatherapy of another kind. Introduced first in 2005, the concept of it caught on like wildfire and captured the public's imaginations. After additional engineering and testing, the Wake n' Bacon alarm clock is alive once again. A DIY project from Hsiao-huh Hsu, Josh Myer, Matty Sallin, and Daniel Bartolini, Wake n' Bacon gradually wakes you from your slumber, but not by ear piercing alarm. Instead, with the enticing aroma of cooked bacon.

Essentially a hacked alarm clock with a halogen lamp and a Teflon coated baking pan. Simply place stripes of already cooked bacon on the pan the evening before. When the set time occurs the next morning, the halogen bulb will heat up the bacon into a delicious crisp and awake you gently. Thus, redefining the term "breakfast on the go". One drawback though, there might be an increasing number of dreams involving pigs-in-a-blanket hors d'Å“uvre