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Eternal Steve Jobs T-Shirt | By Dalasie Michaelis

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In the wake of Steve Jobs' passing last month, we've seen a number of tributes to the late Apple co-founder, none more unique than this T-shirt design by Dalasie Michaelis. Screenprinted on a black American Apparel unisex tee is artwork depicting Jobs in a state of meditative bliss, sitting in a lotus position and floating a foot or two above a grassy, floral landscape. Reflecting Jobs' interest in Eastern mysticism, the T-shirt is irreverent, kitschy and goofily earnest all at once. And considering the bright colors and cartoonish likeness, it isn't a stretch to speculate it's a design that Jobs would have hated. It's probably one of the reasons Michaelis quotes Jobs from a commencement address he delivered at Stanford University in 2005, as if to explain that he was just following the tech guru's instructions. "You are already naked," Jobs had observed. "There is no reason not to follow your heart." Click through for more looks, then go here to place your order.