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Macquarie Group - Ropemaker Place Headquarters | By Clive Wilkinson Architects

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Fans of Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller Inception would immediately recognized this layout as the Penrose Staircase, a classic model of paradoxical optical illusion. Yet, these staircases and the impressive Atrium are both quite real. Central to its consolidation plan, financial firm Macquarie Group Limited wanted a new London headquarters with the capacity to house all of its dispersed divisions. Thanks to a functional design from Clive Wilkinson Architects (CMA), Macquarie Group's new home at Ropemaker Place, also a new office building, not only reached the initial intention but more. In around 216,000 square feet of space, on 6 different floors, CMA organized the interior almost as a continuous workflow among all the business functions. The designers also saw the client's business process as a transparent one, thus translated to numerous open spaces dotted with alcoves if there is ever a need of privacy. A visual representation to the connectivity between all the components of Macquarie Group, the imposing stairway in red doubles as the space's centerpiece. via: CH