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Ferrari x Marco Brambilla - "RPM" 3D Film

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New York based video artist Marco Brambilla was commissioned by Ferrari to produce a short film to commemorate their latest automobile marvel, the 458 Spider and this film will be showcased at Art Basel Miami. Brambilla carefully crafted the RPM 3D film from footage taken at the Italian Formula One Grand Prix in Monza and from the Scuderia Ferrari video archives. A self-proclaimed F1 enthusiast, Brambilla proceeded to represent the F1 driver's state of mind during the race, painting a portrait of speed in a cubist style. Brambilla also pushed his personal boundaries with this piece, as he used 3D editing tools to enable multi-planing the foreground, mid ground and background for an exceptional 3D experience. Make sure you turn up the volume when watching the full video after the jump to hear the throttles move, engines roar and the F1 car wind through the corners. via: NOWNESS

Art Basel Miami: Marco Brambillafrom Chris Wallace on