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Koenigsegg Agera - New Guinness World Record for Fastest 0-300-0 KM/H | Video

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With a signed certificate from the ultimate authority of records, Guinness World Records, Swedish super car maker Koenigsegg officially set a new record for the fastest 0 to 300 to 0 kilometers per hour by a two-seater vehicle. Set on the desolate runway of Angeholm Airfield in Sweden, the menacing big red took off, accelerated, and stopped, all in 21.19 seconds. The curious thing about this attempt was it not only set one world record, Koenigsegg took the opportunity to set a grand total of six records - fastest in 0 to 300 km/h, 0 to 200 mph, 300 to 0 km/h, 200 to 0 mph, 0 to 300 to 0 km/h, and 0 to 200 to 0 mph.

As a testament to how well-made each Koenigsegg is, driver Robert Serwanski shifted each gears effortlessly and the car responded with ease. See this world records run in the video after the jump. via: autoblog