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Native Velvet Collection - Corrado + Jefferson + Miller

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Fans of the epochal television sitcom Seinfeld will recall that George Costanza longed to drape himself in velvet, though he was cruelly prevented by sartorial convention. If only it were socially acceptable ... Several years later, Native Shoes is taking up the cause for the luxurious material by releasing the Velvet Collection, made up of the Corrado, Jefferson and Miller styles. Native, already famous as a name that makes lightweight, comfortable footwear, has outdone itself, a fact the brand acknowledges in a surreal video in which wearing velvet shoes is likened to eating chocolate cake. After all, why would you want to wear loaves of bread on your feet? We're not certain we get it either, and we've seen the video. Click through to watch it yourself, then head over to Native's online store to pick up a pair from the Velvet Collection.

Corrado - Velvet Jiffy Black

Corrado - Velvet Regatta Blue

Corrado - Velvet Cordova Red

Jefferson - Velvet Regatta Blue

Jefferson - Velvet Cordova Red

Jefferson - Velvet Jiffy Black

Miller - Velvet Regatta Blue