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VOYR - Kanye West & Jay-Z "Watch The Throne" Video Diary | Behind The Scenes Look

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"There are music fans. And there are true fans. Which one are you?" So blatantly asked VOYR, a video diary kept by Kanye West while navigating the globe with Jay-Z on their Watch The Throne tour. It is just a mere tool for the duo to reconnect with their fans, VOYR in a unfettered portal to the true "going-ons" of a concert tour, an all-access pass to today's music industry as a whole. There is no celebratory Champagne every night and waking up to a different lingerie model each morning. What you will get is an insider prospective, the good, the bad, and the ugly all roll into one. So the questions once again, are you just a fan or a true fan?

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