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Porsche 9P1 Concept - 3D Animation Student Project

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Here's a Porsche concept car you won't likely be seeing at a car show any time soon. The Porsche 9P1 concept was dreamed up by a team of 3D digital design students from the Institut Superieur de Design in France. Vincenzo La Manti, Sebastien Baudemont and Thomas Pignol have created a futuristic Porsche model built with a front end resembling the Spyder 918 Concept blended with the Porsche 911's roofline, and an extended carbon fiber rear outer body housing an exposed rear-mounted engine. The interior features the distinctive five dashboard displays borrowed from the Porsche Carrera GT, while the controls are updated with a modern touch-screen display. The attention to detail is extraordinarily rendered. Click through for the impressive video. via: WCF