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Gone In 60 Seconds... 8 Ferraris Pile-Up - The Most Expensive Car Accident Ever?

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A warning to fans of the Prancing Horse, the content of the following story might be too graphical and emotional for some, viewer discretion is advised. Aside for a string of auto insurance frauds (like the Texan who intentionally drove his Bugatti Veyron into a saltwater marsh), a massive 14-car pile up in Japan this weekend might just be the most expensive auto mishap ever, at least for 2011. While en route to a super car gathering in Hiroshima, one of the Ferrari veered off on the highway. A "pin-ball effect" ensued, resulted in eight wrecked Ferraris, two Lamborghinis, and a few Mercedes. No one was seriously injured in the mayhem though we cannot say the same about the owners' wallets.  The price-tag of the damages is estimated at over $1 million dollars and likely to increase. via: Autoblog