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Toyota Prius GT300 To Join Super GT Racing Series

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Like those with the DTM racing series, where the best of German auto engineering pit against one another, the Super GT is where the majority of Japanese auto makers get to test out their latest and greatest. Categorized in two classes, the GT500, where you will see the likes of modified Nissan GT-R, Lexus LFA, along side with Ferrari 550 and McLaren F1 GTR, all spewing out near-500 horsepower of pure mayhem. Then there is GT300, the 300-horsepower range favored by smaller racing teams to test out racing platforms, like a Toyota Prius. Heavily modified, the Toyota Prius GT300 will join other new entries, such as Honda CR-Z and Subaru BRZ, in next year's Super GT circuit. According to Japan's Auto Sport Magazine, the new vehicle will include some sort of hybrid powertrain, though its too early to know what kind at this point. Still, we will never look at Prius the same way again. via: Autoblog / Jon Sibal