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truth x Staple Design - truth1585 Collection | Video

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Truth. It is a word we hear often but perhaps it is not spoken as often these days. In fact the cigarette industry and smoking is ripe of lies and contradictions. This is where truth comes in and sets the record straight with their premiere truth1585 Collection. truth will be partnering up with Staple Design and eight key retail stores across the country to launch this capsule collection. Each boutique will be stocking one of eight t-shirt designs speaking on the truth about nicotine, smoking and cigarettes in general. Keep your eyes on Reed Space, ALIFE, Goliath, BODEGA, BURN RUBBER, MAJOR, TRUE and UBIQ who will be stocking the truth1585 Collection very soon. truth also created a short video interview with each of the boutique's founders and staff about the reasoning behind participating in this project and what smoking means to them personally.