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VAT19 - 26-Pound Party Gummy Bear Candy | Video

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Throwing a holiday party and want to make an impression on your guests? How about a 26-pound impression in gummy bear form? VAT19 introduces the Party Gummy Bear, a gargantuan confection measuring 17 inches tall and bursting with 32,000 calories. It dwarfs the previous gummy bear record holder -- a paltry five-pounder -- and features a hollowed out tummy, which you can use to hold drinks, snacks or candy (like more gummy bears). Hand-made in the U.S.A. and gluten-free, the Party Gummy holds a shelf-life of one year, so there's plenty of time to finish him off. Orange and red cherry flavors are currently sold out at Vat19's online store, but blue raspberry and green apple are yours for the taking. Click through to check out a Lonely Island-esque music video that pays tribute to the gummy candy you eat with a knife and fork.