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Hyperkin Supaboy - Pocket SNES Console

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While the rest of the industry is scrambling to find the next big thing, Hyperkin looked back and decided to make a great thing even better--and smaller--with their new Supaboy Pocket SNES Console. Fitted with a 3.5" LCD screen and designed to look like the original SNES controller, you can bring old games you have packed up in boxes back to life and even launch them on the big screen using the included A/V out port and two controller ports. Weighing just under 12 ounces and capable of holding 2.5 hours of battery life, Supaboy will have you leaning into turns while playing Super Mario Cart and dodging to save Zelda just like the good old days. Hyperkin's Supaboy is only available in the United States and will definitely make a perfect stocking-stuffer for the gamer in your life.