IPEVO Perch Legs For Apple IPad


We hunch, slouch and struggle enough throughout the day to use our other devices, so it makes sense for IPEVO to design a set of iPad stands that give us more freedom to do our work. Coming in a desktop (S-Type), side stand (M-Type) and podium (L-Type) models, the IPEVO's Perch is made of lightweight forged aluminum that is easy to transport with a rugged silicone iPad holder and v-shaped feet to keep your device securely in place.

The podium-size Perch is great for speakers to refer to notes, to show multimedia at a product display or for teachers or musicians to have a hands-free way keep their iPad within reach while the Perch S is designed for tabletop use and the Perch M positions easily for seated users. A dual-axis hinge allows for tilts and rotations and, with the option of black or white, the Perch is designed to keep your work the center of attention.

Check out a detailed look at the Perch after the jump as you head to IPEVO to pick one up.