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Ken Block x Ford Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle - A Day on the Streets of L.A. | Video

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If the latest Gymkhana video of Ken Block getting sideways and smokey in his Ford seems a bit like a car commercial, there's a reason. In exchange for Ford's deep support of Block's drift rocket adventures, Block has been a very willing spokesman for the company; this latest installment sees Block making use of Ford's Sync AV system, as he tools around on open roads in LA (in a very un-street legal vehicle). And if scenes that combine Block drifting in circles while DC BMX rider Kelly Bolton seem painfully cliche, then this video probably isn't for you. But if you are one of Block's many fans, who can't get enough of his sponsor-emblazoned Fiesta antics, then read no further and watch immediately. Corporate sponsorship is heavy, but the high production values these videos have don't come cheap. It's good don't-try-this-at-home fun for drift fans, and for fans of the genre a must-watch. Check out the video after the jump. via: Autoblog.