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Porsche - Testing the 2012 Porsche Carrera 911 | Video

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In 2010 film crews followed two teams of Porsche engineers during the final testing of the 2012 Porsche Carrera 911. One team was stationed in South Africa's Western Cape, the most South Westerly tip of the African continent, where conditions were hot, arid and windy. The other team worked in an undisclosed location in the Arctic Circle, where temperatures routinely dipped below 40 degrees Celsius. Both crews labored under torturous conditions, gathering mountains of data on every component of the car, from something as simple as a hood latch to the performance of the new seven-speed manual transmission. The resulting 10-minute mini-documentary is fascinating and compelling, and answers the salient question, "Why test the car under conditions it will probably never have to endure with a typical driver?" The answer -- it's the measure of a Porsche vehicle that it performs as well in the frigid Arctic Circle or the blistering deserts of South Africa as it does on an American freeway. Check out the video after the click.