Blake Griffin x Red Bull - Ping Pong Champion


The second NBA lockout in league history is, thankfully, a thing of the past, and we can look forward to an abbreviated basketball season beginning on Christmas Day after a 149-day work stoppage. We can't help but wonder, though -- what did players do during their extended hiatus? Some, like Nets guard Deron Williams, signed contracts with teams abroad. Others went back to school, like the Cavaliers' Baron Davis, who signed up for classes at UCLA. Others still tried their hand at an entirely different sport. Blake Griffin took up ping-pong, winning his very first match at the age of 22 (though it was against himself, with the other end of the table folded up). A new spot from Red Bull shows the slam dunk champ going up against his first real opponent -- pro ping-pong player Soo Yeon Lee, who shows Blake that maybe he shouldn't quit his day job. Check out the hilarious video after the click.