Nike Skateboarding Innovation Timeline


Nike Skateboarding was born 10 years ago, and in that time skateboarding has evolved in a way that the progenitors of the sport could have never envisioned. Nike SB has grown with the sport, and it's led the charge of technological innovation when it comes to advances in skateboarding footwear. There are inherent contradictions in designing the ideal skate shoe -- it must provide cushioning as well as board feel, it has to be durable yet breathable, and finally, it has to be functional yet stylish. (Skateboarding, after all, is a sport where style most definitely counts.) And though one could posit a final paradox -- the presence of a multi-national conglomerate in a sport that deliberately cultivates a rebellious, outsider ethos -- there's the sense that even skateboarding purists have realized the fatuousness of such an outdated argument. Nike has 40 years of experience in athletic shoe innovation to draw on, and that can only help in building a better skate shoe. Click through for a cache of images of Nike SB footwear styles both past and present, plus video illustrating the evolution of the Nike Zoom Paul Rodriguez.