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Who Is Dr. Leonid Pavel? - Clue To The Dark Knight Rises

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Internet was abuzz with activity this week when a top secret memo from the Central Intelligence Agency surfaced on several websites like Wired and Empire. On it, a profile of Dr. Leonid Pavel, a Russian nuclear physicist who sought political asylum with the U.S., only to be declared missing. Because of the good doctor's specialties in nuclear fuel cycle technology and certain reactor designs, CIA deemed Dr. Pavel a "high-priority" and declared "a search and extract operation is recommended immediately".

As serious and vital to national security as it seems to be, the memo wasn't put out by agent provocateur Julian Assange and WikiLeaks. But instead, its the latest clue from director Christopher Nolan for the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, the final film to his Batman trilogy. Aside from the fact that actor Alon Aboutboul will play the role of Dr. Leonid Pavel, not much is known at this time. Still, speculations are many more clues will follow as we near the film's release date of July 2012.