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Push Connection - 90's Skateboard Video iPhone Case

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Skateboarding has had a rich history, and before the internet, the only way to see skateboarding was on VHS videos that skateboard companies released. From the 80's onwards, videos started to be released regularly; the 90's was probably the best period for skateboard videos. Many monumental videos came out, and Japanese brand

Push Connection

is paying tribute to the golden years of skateboard videos and their iconic covers. The photo prints of the covers are made into a collage on the transparent protective case for iPhone 4 & 4S. Push Connection is founded by Japanese pro skateboarder,

Shin Okada

, who made his debut in the 90's and was the first Japanese skateboarder to be sponsored as a pro by a US skateboard company. These cases are on pre-order right now at


, and delivery will take place around April 2012.