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ANDERSON GERMANY - Audi A8 Venom Edition

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With a name like Venom Edition, you can expect the tuned Audi A8 from ANDERSON GERMANY to be nothing but a boring four door sedan. First and foremost, the exterior of the A8 is covered in satin gunmetal gray, bringing out the gloss black details on the grill emblems, exterior trims and 22 inch wheels. All of the windows are tinted black and even the tail lights are smoked out for a totally stealth look. Carbon fiber side mirrors are reflected by carbon fiber details on the interior trim, continuing the sporty theme inside. As far as the performance is concerned, the mild mods on the sports air filter, racing catalytic converter, exhaust system and reprogrammed ECU increases its power output. The modded 4.2 liter V8 engine puts out 442 horsepower, a considerable improvement over the standard 350 horsepower. via: Carscoop