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The Dark Knight Rises - New Movie Poster

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At the end of "The Dark Knight", we saw Batman take the fall for the crimes of Harvey Dent and slip into the underworld of the fugitives and criminals he has faithfully pursued on behalf of the people of Gotham. Now, eight years have passed in Gotham City and things only seem to have turned darker for Bruce Wayne in Warner Bro's latest film, "The Dark Knight Rises."

The second of the two posters features one of Tom Hardy's more recent infamous creations, Bane, standing over a shattered Batman mask in the dead of night. The first, carves out the iconic Batman logo into Gotham's skyline, looming over the city with pieces of buildings falling almost as if they were crumbling under its weight. "The Dark Knight Rises" is set to release in July 2012, and if the posters are any indication, things don't look too good for one of our favorite caped crusaders.

Check out additional looks at the two movie posters after the jump or at the movie's main site, along with one breath-taking trailer.