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MINI - Driving Excitement | iPhone App

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Driving in what was originally a pint-sized race car is already a lot of fun for MINI owners, but BMW wants to take the experience of sitting behind the wheel to a new level with the Driving Excitement iPhone app.  Building on the car's MINI Connected in-dash hi-res cock-pit display, which allows drivers to stay connected to Facebook, monitor their driving efficiency, access the web and search for local restaurants, the iPhone app gives MINI owners three new functions: Digital Sports Instruments, a Force Meter, and a car Condition Check.

When uploaded from the iPhone app into the car, these functions are accessible through the normal steering wheel and joystick controls and feature a coolant temperature gauge, accelerometer, g-force meter and enhanced car condition check information, such as engine temperature, fuel level and outside weather conditions. In short, this turns your MINI into more of a highly-tune sports car then you everyday commuter.

Detailed photos of the app in action are after the jump.