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New Balance - Visit Flimby: The Vault | Video

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New Balance's just launched Visit Flimby web site gives us a rich behind-the-scenes look at the brand's UK factory, a key feature of which is titled "The Vault." A three-minute video overview, narrated by Materials, Sourcing and Development manager Chris Hodgson, offers background information about the Vault, an archive of the brand's SMU collaborations with Tier 1 partner retailers that are "made in Europe, and only in Europe." Hodgson stresses the importance of sourcing within the EU, where the tanneries offer the highest quality leather and suede, and explains that Flimby has the unique ability to make specific shoe models in limited quantities to ensure premium craftsmanship. As he explains, it's the reason for their being, and the pinnacle of what they do. Check out the video after the click.

The Vault from New Balance UK on Vimeo.