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NEXUSVII - 10th Anniversary "DECADANCE" Party | Video

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It's no surprise when an avant garde fashion-related event in Tokyo pushes boundaries, and if it takes place at AIR, a Tokyo venue dedicated to psychedelia-inspired laser effects, things are sure to be on the cerebral side. Which was a perfect backdrop for NEXUSVII to celebrate the label's 10th anniversary, which it did this past September. The just-released video captures the highlights of the light show, and a bit of the event itself, which featured a number of Tokyo's music/nightlife personalities, including John Daly, Ryosuke, Ryo Murakami, DJ Maar, NAODIDDY, SONPUB, ITOOO, and VJ Kimgym. The video is a fitting mood piece for NEXUSVII; the label has done a solid job of producing staple pieces which have just enough idiosyncrasy to allude to a sometimes hard-to-define interpretation of otherwise basic garments. Check out the video after the jump for an 11 minute excursion into a psychedelic Tokyo nightlife event.