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Nike 6.0 - Holiday 2011 Outerwear Collection Lookbook

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Holiday 2011 marks Nike 6.0's second season building team-driven performance outerwear and they chose yesterday to launch their Holiday 2011 Outerwear Lookbook. Featuring Nike team riders Greg Bretz, Spencer O'Brien, Halldor Helgason and Ellery Hollingsworth wearing some of Nike 6.0's latest snowboarding jackets and pants as they crash a mountain house, the lookbook feels as if the riders got their hands on it right as it was going to print and marked the pages up with their own take on what was going on.

Nike 6.0 prides itself on giving all of the riders wearing their gear true functional performance, which simply means their apparel will be waterproof, breathable and include solid construction all day and all night throughout the season. Check out the some pictures of the gear after the jump and then flip through the Nike 6.0 Holiday 2011 Outerwear Lookbook for yourself.