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Nike Huarache Free Red/White Spring 2012


Hybrids are a bit of a delicate subject within the sneaker community. On one side you have the camp that gets excited for the mash ups between different technologies that fall under one umbrella, and on the other side you have those that are pretty touchy when it comes to preserving the sanctity of an OG design. We'll, if you're still clinging the latter group, maybe the Nike Huarahce Free is the sneaker to change your mind. The pairing of respective running revolutions from different decades in Nike's history feels quite natural here, with the supreme comfort of the Huarache's neoprene booty teaming up with the flexible bottoms of the Nike Free. The latest look we've got is this candy cane colorway, which will be showing up for Spring 2012 despite its seemingly holiday flavor. Get the full look after the jump of this upcoming Nike Free Huarache. via Sneaker Freaker