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TIME - 2011 Person Of The Year: The Protester | Cover By Shepard Fairey

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They are without a singular identity or a singular ideal. And yet they move in masses as if they were a conscious organism, ready to give voice to the silenced, remedy the unjust, and challenge the status quo. They are the protesters you've seen on your nightly news broadcasts or at Zuccotti Park if you live in New York City. And come this week, they will also be TIME Magazine Person Of The Year for 2011. Beating out Admiral William McRaven, Congressman Paul Ryan, future queen Kate Middleton, and a protester himself, artist Ai Weiwei, TIME profiled Mohamed Bouazizi, whose self-immolation led the start of so-called Arab Spring, and the 18 days that took down Egypt strongman, President Hosni Mubarak. It also highlighted the Occupy movement stateside and Loukanikos, the famous dog who participated at every protests this year in Athens. One other familiar element will be the magazine's cover art, done by Shepard Fairey, an agent provocateur himself. Crafted in a likeness that is neither male or female, nor any race, nationality, religious orientation, the image is in relation to the overall movement, be it in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, or the U.S.