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POP CHART LAB - Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names


What's in a name? Apparently quite a bit according to POP CHART LAB, who put together this 18" x 24" print which maps out rapper monikers via color coded semantic nodes. The categories, including wordplay, alphanumeric, physical attributes and a host of others, organize a huge range of MC's over the span of the color coded print. Looking closely, you can pick out the nodes weighed down by a specific era in Hip-Hop, like the Lil section found in the upper right hand corner. Staying true to Rap's roots, the posters are even printed in the mecca of NYC. Make sure you hit the jump for the up close shots, as the attention to detail here really is impressive. The Grand Taxonomy of Rap Names (version 1.5 with 15 additional names added in) is available for purchase now from POP CHART LAB.