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New Balance 574 - Dragon Pack

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With only about a month left before the arrival of the Year of the Dragon, New Balance is preparing for a late December launch of their 574 Dragon 2012 Pack, in celebration of the next year on the Chinese Zodiac. In an unique move by New Balance, the iconic "N" logo on the inner side is replaced by the dragon, whose body is coiled around the entire leather upper of the shoe. The artwork continues on the insole where the dragon again shows its face. New Balance will release three of the shoes from the Dragon Pack, the black, yellow and red colorways, while the gold edition will be limited in select New Balance stores across Asia.

The other colors, representing the five elemental dragons in ancient Chinese lore - wood, fire, metal, earth and water - are the result of a collaboration with 5 select labels and stores from around Asia. Unfortunately, these 5 are for display only by their designers: Mita Sneakers (wood), WHIZ (fire), NPC (metal), INVINCIBLE (earth) and Limited Edt. (water), who each integrated their own take on their element into the design of the shoe, including digital camo, snakeskin accents and silver leather.

If you can't make it to one of these stores, check them out  after the jump.