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Nike LeBron 9 Watch The Throne | Detailed Look

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Sneaker aficionados worldwide were agog at the initial images of the Nike LeBron 9 "Watch the Throne" when they surfaced online a month ago. As much as we claim to favor clean lines and classic styling, the incontrovertible truth is that many of us are drawn to the pomp and circumstance of flashy colors and ornate design. Perhaps the sensibility of excess espoused by Watch the Throne signals the swinging of the pendulum away from austerity toward extravagance -- economic climate be damned -- and explains the runaway success of H&M's collection with the house of Versace, a fashion label that was practically the '90s avatar for conspicuous consumption. Yeezy, whose baroque-leaning sense of style heavily influenced Watch the Throne's album design, was recently spotted wearing a jacket from the line, and we can't help observe the perfect footwear to finish the look would have been a pair of these special edition LeBron 9s. The rumor is there are only seven of these beauties in existence, one pair of which is now in the possession of rapper Big Sean, who's currently opening for Kanye and Jay-Z on the Watch the Throne tour. Click through for more images that the rapper recently shared to a public still very much enraptured with these kicks. via: Big Sean's Twitter