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Shane McAdams - Paintings Done With Ball Point Pen

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It's conceivable that Brooklyn-based artist Shane McAdams gets his art supplies from the stationery aisle of his local drugstore. He uses the ink from common ball-point pens to create abstract landscapes suffused with an array of multitudinal colors and shapes. Once the ink is extracted, it's heated and mixed with solvents and applied to the surface. Shane doesn't draw his designs; rather, he lets the paintings emerge naturally through natural forces like gravity and wind. The artist grew up in the American Southwest, and saw in the deserts around him a pictorial history of the landscape through the exposed layered strata of rock formations. Wind and water erosion worked to create stunning tableaux, and Shane attempts to recreate that phenomenon with his ball-point ink paintings, effectively highlighting the duality of naturally occurring images through synthetic means. via: Designboom