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MTV Fantasy Factory with Rob Dyrdek - Kick Flips A Chevrolet Sonic | Video

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MTV star and professional skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek, did what no man has done before: kick flipped a new 2012 Chevrolet Sonic over a gigantic skateboard. Launching off of the ramp at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, Dydrek strapped himself into the minimally-modified Sonic (the only tweaks were installing a roll cage, racing seats and seatbelt, moving the battery and upgrading the shocks) and successfully completed the 360-degree rotation landing safely back on all four wheels after traveling more than 60 feet.

The stunt was performed as part of a Chevrolet ad campaign that was also taped for an upcoming episode of MTV's Fantasy Factory. If that wasn't enough, the skateboard was also recorded to be the world's largest. Check out the video and pictures after the jump to see Dyrdek in action. via: WCF