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STAB Berlin x Nike Sportswear Destroyer Jacket - Giveaway

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Online retailer STAB Berlin celebrate the holiday season in the spirit of sharing with a Nike Sportswear Destroyer Jacket by its own design. Customization started at the right pocket, where a specially designed metal badge carries the store's branding and the year. Lined on the interior is an extensive embroidery work of a classic poem about the city they're from, Berlin. On the back, another customized embroidery work which spells out "Berlin Destroyer's". Finally, to complete the look, each of the jacket comes with a ring of silver and steel, two metals symbolic of the old Berlin as the city of steel and the new Berlin as a city of gleaming future.

As with any giveways, anyone can enter to win the jacket, just simply follow the 3 rules below:

  • Be a "friend" of STAB Berlin on Facebook

  • Become a registered member at

  • Finally, email with the subject STAB Berlin Destroyer

Contest will end on Christmas Day, December 25th with the announcement of winner to come on December 16th.  Good luck to all!

Contest Dates: Now - December 25th, 2011 (Christmas)