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Promo - A Look Out of the History Books that Still Flies Today

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The goatee is a look with a long history, but all variations on this stylish little beard stem from three basic cuts: the Musketeer, the Van Dyke and the French Fork. While we don't see the French Fork as much these days, men of great renown still go for variations on the Musketeer and Van Dyke. Colin Farrell, for example, has been known to rock a Musketeer/Van Dyke combo that makes the brooding thespian a little more approachable. Kanye West sports a full Van Dyke, which is a look with real structure and authority. Then there's Robert Downey Jr., who seemed to really enjoy the attention brought by his crazy Iron Man concoction, keeping the beard going after filming wrapped. Learn more about these looks and other great goatee styles at