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Art Series Hotel Invites You To Steal Its Artwork By Banksy

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Taking cues from the infamous 2007 theft of Banksy's "No Ball Games" stencil, where perpetrators cut away a wall section with angle grinders, Australian Art Series Hotel invites you to steal their artworks by Banksy. No angle grinder, black mask, or gloves are needed. Simply locate the targeted Banksy among the 1500 artworks on display at Art Series Hotel's three locations in Melbourne. Then, concoct a ruse to trick the vigilant hotel employees. And finally, leave the hotel without getting caught. Already, a pair of partners in crime walked out with Banksy's "No Ball Games" painting after attempts by others. Some even gone as far as hacking the CCTV system and planning listening devices near the reception desk for the painting's where about. Next on the docket is another Banksy original,"Pulp Fiction". But you will have now till January 15th to remove it from the Art Series Hotel's premises.