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Lazareth Wazuma V8F - Powered By Ferrari | The World's Most Expensive Quad

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Lazareth is a French company that designs and builds custom vehicles on two, three and four wheels. Their creations exhibit a flair for the dramatic, like their special one-off Wazuma V8F, which is essentially a quad bike with a Ferrari engine. Dramatic? Some might say ludicrous. The V8F is in reality more trike than quad, thanks to its narrow rear wheel placement. Either way, the feature that will grab most people's attention is the 3.0-liter Ferrari V8 (likely taken from a Ferrari 308) delivering 250 horsepower and mated to a BMW M3 sequential gearbox. Two fuel injection systems from Yamaha sport motorcycles and a set of 12.8-inch Brembo brakes later, and you have the recipe for a very unique thrill ride on four wheels -- and possible grave bodily injury. With a price tag at more than a quarter-million dollars, this kind of insanity is the sole province of the insanely wealthy. via: Autoblog