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VANS Rubber Waffle Case for Apple iPhone 4

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Images of this spectacular VANS waffle sole case for the iPhone 4 first surfaced on a year ago. At the time, the case was believed to be a special promotional item that wouldn't be available to the public, which would have been a shame -- the construction was flawless, featuring the signature details of a typical VANS sneaker. There was the unmistakable waffle gum sole, textured toe bumper and red "Off the Wall" heel tab. Cut to present day, and it turns out the VANS iPhone case is a production item available in stores right now, although getting your hands on one might be something of a challenge. They're sold out at the VANS online store, and evidently the're selling out at VANS retail stores as well, though it's believed some stores still have them in stock, while others have yet to receive delivery of them. Do a little digging, and you just may come home with VANS for your phone to match the pair on your feet. Good luck! via: OTWS