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Air Jordan 11 Concord Release Sparks Chaos Nationwide

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People who don't understand call it "madness" or "insanity," but to a fan, it is simply called "devotion". Though its been only a few days since the

Air Jordan 11 Concord

release, the scenes are still fresh in the minds of many. The occurrence also gotten national attention, with mall riots and ravenous fans breaking through storefronts. Incidents took place all over the U.S., though only the most violent ones were reported on the nightly news--a stampede there, or a confrontation here. Yet, for the most part, fans behaved themselves during the mayhem last week. It was a time of camaraderie, of trading stories and information, even in the midst of pouring rain for those lined up in New York City, or bone-chilling cold in northern parts of the U.S. As for the "chaos" everyone else is talking about, it is just the perspective of folks "from the outside looking in." For true sneaker fans, it was just another Air Jordan release day. See our photo recap of the line-up at

NikeTown NYC's midnight release.