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SneakerWare Website Update

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Say you've just gotten the Air Jordan 11 Concord and want to show off your latest loot on your SneakerWare virtual warehouse...except, you lost your precious Apple iPhone during shopping mall mayhem just before. Instead of braving the melee once again, you can soon update your SneakerWare account via its website. You can also search the site by using keywords, check out recent uploads by other members, and rate and comment their collections as well. Who knows, maybe one of them found your iPhone, too.

You can visit the updated SneakerWare website at You can also download the SneakerWare app, free of charge, on Apple iTunes.  For a glimpse at the most recent Air Jordan 11 Concord craze, simply click here.

SneakerWare Website Update Features:

  • Search By Keywords

  • Recent Uploads

  • Rate Collections

  • User Comments