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Blade Runner - Original Sketchbook | Digital Edition

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The black and white illustration above certainly isn't too impressive, but its in fact the preliminary sketch of Rick Deckard's police spinner in the movie "Blade Runner". Adding fuel to the perpetual rumor mill of an upcoming sequel by director Ridley Scott, the original sketchbook to the 1982 sci-fi classic, long out of print, is now available for view online. A dystopia Los Angeles set not too far in the distant future, Scott, along with notable sci-fi illustrator/futurist Syd Mead (who also worked on "Tron", "Aliens", "Star Trek", and more...) and other conceptual artists, created a world much more parallel to the present day, down to futuristic taxi and parking meters. While we might not have androids yet, we do already dream of electric sheep...

See the digitized version of the "Blade Runner" sketch book after the click.

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