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Amethyst X-1 - Apple iPhone Docking System

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Staring at it head on, the Amethyst X-1 looks more to be a space battle cruiser from the distant future. In fact, its a docking system for your Apple iPhone, iPod, or any other popular MP3 player. As imposing as it looks, the Amethyst X-1 features a 2.1-channel speaker layout, with a speaker on each of its "wings" and a subwoofer at the middle. A remote control lets you access playlist, volume and other controls. But access also comes in another, more interesting form. Magically manage your Amethyst X-1 by simple hand gestures and the system's hidden IR sensor will translate the movements into commands. Its the perfect conversation piece at the New Year's Eve party tomorrow. Available now through Brookstone for the price of $149.99 US.