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in icons - Steve Jobs Action Figure

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Bet you also did a double-take at that picture, didn't you? Even if you get an eery feeling from this latest In Icons creation of the late co-founder 0f Apple, you have to admit that this is definitely one realistic Steve Jobs action figure. From the bottom of the New Balance sneakers to the iconic steel-rimmed glasses, the figurine measures 12 inches tall (or a 1:6 scale) and is decked out in his signature take on CEO attire. Set to release in February, the Jobs action figure comes with a change of socks, a chair, a "One More Thing" backdrop, and two apples -- one with a bite -- allowing you to have a front row seat to your own recreation of his most memorable productions.

Check out more 'action' photos of the Steve Jobs figurine after the jump. Just be prepared to rub your eyes a few times in disbelief.