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Ken Block x Ford Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle Gravel Road Test at Twin Peaks | Video

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Last December professional rally driver Ken Block and his Monster World Rally Team brought the HFHV Ford Fiesta to Snoqualmie Falls, Washington, to put the car through its paces for its first ever gravel test. Snoqualmie Falls is the home of the Dirtfish Rally School, but over 20 years ago it was the stand-in for Twin Peaks, the fictional small town for which the cult David Lynch television program was named. A new mashup video from the Monster World Rally Team intercuts footage of drifting vehicular mayhem with the sort of comically surreal scenes that were Twin Peaks' specialty, but the real highlights are the split-screens that juxtapose scenic shots from the actual show with the same location in present day. No need to worry -- there's more than enough spinning wheels and spitting gravel to keep rally car fans transfixed. Check out the video after the click.