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PORTER – Extreme Rucksack

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The rucksack market is pretty fierce with a lot of major players jockeying for the pole position ahead of the warmer months to come. What they often forget amid their competition with one another is that people want a bag that is well-designed, has a sleek profile, and has pockets and buckles in all the right places instead of flashy colors and hooks they don’t understand. Despite its name, the features of PORTER’s Extreme Rucksack make a lot of sense: zipped compartments on the top, side and waist belt; only the necessary cinching straps on the outer shell to keep everything in place; and soft foam padding in every spot where bag touches body. This PORTER Rucksack, however, has the superior quality that you expect in their products giving you the ability to use this bag daily if you wanted to. Other than the PORTER tab on the pack pad, the rest of the waterproof, breathable nylon outer is all black keeping this pack ultra-light.

Be sure to keep an eye on BEAM’s online store to get the rucksack as soon as it’s restocked in late January.