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Damien Hirst - Spot Prints Exhibition | London

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In 2008, following a two-day auction through Sotheby's of 223 artworks by Damien Hirst (which raked in a staggering $200.7 million), the controversial artist declared that he would no longer produce his signature spot paintings. Hirst has since changed his mind (in spectacular fashion): not only is he making the circular designs once again, he's arranged for all eleven of the Gagosian galleries throughout the world to host retrospectives of his spot artwork simultaneously, from January 12th through February 18th. Additionally, Hirst will exhibit a collection of twelve new Spot Prints at his London store Other Criteria. Consisting of eight silk screens and four woodblock prints, the installation will be displayed from January 10th through February 14th. The timing of the two events is impeccable; Hirst, if anything, is an enterprising artist. It's an especially trenchant point when one considers that he's painted only five of the spot canvases himself, while all the others were created by assistants.