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MSTR Stingray Leather Ambassador Watch

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This special edition, handmade Stingray Ambassador watch from the California-based designer MSTR (aka Meister), features a silver bezel with 8 bolts locking it in place on the frame. Its six hands flow in Swiss chronograph movement around the reflective black face capable of capturing time down to a tenth of a second. The numbers are luminescent and will shine almost as much as the bezel itself, but also provide a sleek contrast to the genuine black stingray leather strap fitted with a steel butterfly clasp. You'd be right if you think you've seen a similar watch design before -- the Ambassador is timepiece that has wrapped the wrists of top hip-hop artists and DJ's, but you won't see too many of these limited edition on the streets. The 100 that were made for the holidays will soon be snatched up. Fortunately, you can get a closer look at them after the jump.